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Jain Oswal Matrimony

Project By,

Racca Press & Runwalsoft

Raviwar Karanja,
Nasik (Maharashtra)

Developed & Design RunwalSoft


We have drastically improved our work. and added many more features.

Now each and every profile and their photos are easily accessible to you. they are just one click away.

At start we are just showing normal information. but once you register with our system then all the profile information will be shared with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is star under each profile ?

If you keep on searching profiles and found one suitable candidate which you may later wants to keep watch/track then you may click on that star. and on left most side you will find menu "star profiles" this will have all collected star profile either you may click on star or unchecked that star.

Please note that we never expose to owner/profiler that you have made their profile as star profile. As we do keep these things private.

2. I unable to logged in ?

As previous site was using number as username name. but looking at your feedback. we have modified our structure to email address as username so that it will be make easier remember. so now onward you have to use username as email account. We never share your username details to anyone.

3. What are the information will be exposed?

Whenver you send any message on profile(candidate) then we do send your contact number along with your name to that email even we send then all the list profiles(candidates) which you have created. This will help others for which profile you are seeking information. This will also helps to avoid unwanted messages from one user to other.

4. I have added candidates but its not visible on site?

There might be two possibilities

a) If you have added your profiles before the launch of this site then there might be chances that new data is not reflected. As many different things was not available on old site, and new site had many more features so you have to add again your profile. I am sure this will gives you lots of advantages with current pattern. and easy communication

b) Once you added any profile it will just visible to you only, unless and until administrator of this site will make your profile approved. and once approved profiles will be visible to rest of viewer.

5. Why my profile is show at bottom end ?

We have following priorities 1)Person who having video will be shown first 2)Person who having photos will be shown second 3)Person who don't have videos and photos later. Even when 2 user having same photos and still your photos are shown at bottom end then who has recently updated their information will be kept on top. so keep constantly updating your correct information.

6. How should I able to add address details ?

Address details are available at edit profile. When any new user visits or tries to add candidate we generally add only important information. and then if any person wants to add more information about their address details. about their family information then it will be added at the time of edit profiles.

7. How should I able to find only diverse or widow or only manglik ?

First you need to go to site map. you will find all the different URL. this will make it easier for your to filter your server.

8. How should I able to search a person from my region ?

At the bottom of Sitemap we have given the all the possible list of cities which user have added their profiles. Even you see any profile. and you want to find users from that city, you will find one link on name of city. if you click on that you will get all the profiles which that cities.

9. Should I specific candidates from specific educational background?

In the current structure we have given option for that. if you click on profile where the education is written. if that education is perfectly which you looking for it then hit the link. This will gives you all the list of candidates with the same education. Even you can filter by their gender name from search functionality.

10. Why my photo looks partial over their?

To keep symmetry across complete site we required file size of 270px of width (height doesn't matter). so keeping the proportionate we have auto adjusted with your photo. If you still having issue with photo. Please try to upload the photo with 270px width and height as you desired.

11. How should I able to maximize my view

Left panel is collapsible. It handle is given at top, click on that and maximize your profile views. if you click on any profile or image then you can able to see their details. Even you can able to communicate with your any profile/candidate.

12. Where is youtube embed <iframe code ?

For more information you may watch this video.

13. How to get new verification code ?

You have to perform following step.

  • Click on login
  • Click on forgot password.
  • Enter your email address and click on send new password. but if you already verified then new password will be email to you else if will ask again to generate password for verfication
  • Then on the same screen it will ask you send verification for email address (do not change that email address). and click on "Send new verification"
  • Don't forget to check your junk or spam folder. and new verification code will be their in 5 minutes.

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